iroboz Branding design
June 12, 2020
DROONIC - Drone Branding for sale - by Brandizle
July 19, 2020
iroboz Branding design
June 12, 2020
DROONIC - Drone Branding for sale - by Brandizle
July 19, 2020

ethinx - Ai Branding name - Ai Branding name, Brandable domain for sale

PRICE: $ 9600

Ethinx is an intelligent brand name, suitable for technological startups in the AI and robotics branch. is an immediate and explanatory brand name, impressive and communicative, short and built from a key word of value that decisively screams the brand. With this name, it will be easier for your company to establish itself, create interactions, achieve goals.

Introducing The Premier Domain for AI and Tech Innovators

Unlock the potential of your AI startup or tech venture with, a domain name that stands at the intersection of ethics and innovation. This domain is not just a name; it’s a statement, a commitment to thoughtful, ethical progress in the fast-paced world of technology.


– AI-Ready: is a perfect match for platforms leveraging Artificial Intelligence, underlining a future where technology makes ethical decisions.
– Scientific & Mathematical Applications: Its name resonates with the analytical and thoughtful nature of scientific and mathematical fields, making it ideal for related applications.
– Tech Magazines & Websites: can serve as a hub for tech-themed content, attracting readers interested in the ethical implications of technology.

Description is a distinctive domain that encapsulates the essence of AI, startups, branding, and innovation. It’s a domain that speaks to the future, where AI and ethics converge to create a world of responsible and groundbreaking advancements. Ideal for AI platforms, scientific applications, tech magazines, and websites, is a name that echoes thought leadership in technology.

Additional Benefits:

  • Branding Excellence: offers a unique branding opportunity for new and innovative startups looking to make a mark in the tech world.
  • Vector Graphics: Upon request, the domain comes with professionally designed vector graphics for the logo, providing a complete branding package.

Transparent Transfer Process:

The acquisition of is facilitated through, ensuring a transparent and secure transfer process. This guarantees peace of mind for the buyer, safeguarding against any misunderstandings in the purchase. is more than just a domain—it’s the first step towards building a brand that embodies the future of technology with a conscience. Make it yours today.

Domain name:
EPS and PDF vector logo
PNG and JPG web logo

How to go on

Are you interested in purchasing this brand name? Start by contacting us. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we will be happy to give you a first assessment of the cost of this brand, and all the answers you need to make the decision to buy.

Brand description

– Brand name design
The domain will be transferred to you after the purchase via Escrow or direct payment

– Logo design
The brand name will be transferred to you together with the vector files of the example logo design shown on this page, ready to be used, modified or simply redesigned, according to your needs.

How the transfer takes place

Via Escrow* , a service that guarantees the clarity of the transaction.

Feel free choose instead to purchase via secure payment on paypal or stripe we will send you the authcode with which you can transfer the domain to your provider.

* is an affordable way for payment transactions to take place between numerous parties. The service ensures the needs of the buyer and seller are treated with equal importance, and both parties receive equal levels of protection throughout the entire process. Escow applies some fees to the buyer, more information on the website

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for any information or questions.


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