Who we are

Brandizle is a small agency based in Rome, born to create and enhance brands. Despite having a fair amount of registered domain names, its intent is not to speculate on the value of the names themselves.
Often on the web you come across tools and platforms dedicated to this activity, however evaluations on the value of the domains themselves prevail over the business idea that the name will serve.
Our goal is not to evaluate the length of the name, age or traffic already existing on the domain. They are important parameters for establishing the value of a domain, but often those who are looking for a name and an Internet domain have launched a start-up with their own business idea, and want to find a name that puts them more easily in contact with its customers, a unique, strong and meaningful name, like his company, an impressive and easy to remember name.
That’s why we choose domain names carefully, we look for impressive names that have a pleasant sound, that can inspire users and entrepreneurs of the network.
The branding we offer with the domain name is an example, to clarify how a name could work. If you decide to keep and use the logo, you can do it, if you decide to modify or change it completely, you can do it.

How does it work

It is very simple, the domain name is a concession of a public registry, if you buy it, its use is yours exclusively.

Domains you find on this site are all registered by us, if you buy it we will transfer the registration to you. There are two methods: direct payment and payment through Escrow

Direct payment

You purchase the domain in our chart by your credit card or PayPal account. There are two methods of direct payment, Stripe and PayPal.
If you choose Stripe you can pay by credit card, the payment is made through the secure connection with Stripe, the well-known online banking provider.
If you choose PayPal you can pay both by credit card and with a PayPal account. Note that registration with PayPal is optional, you could pay by credit card in Paypal chart without registering.
Once the payment has been made, we will send you an email with the authcode, the code for the transfer of the domain, plus the graphic files of the logo. You just have to register with any hosting provider and transfer the domain following the instructions of your provider.


You can also choose to transfer via Escrow.
Escrow is a service born to protect online purchases by ensuring transparency and clarity.
You will make the payment to Escrow, and we will transfer the domain to Escrow, communicating the authcode to it. Once Escrow has verified that all of the buyer’s requests are met as well the seller’s requests, he will transfer the domain to you, and then transfer the money to us, after the successful registration of your domain name.
What you need to keep in mind is that if the transfer does not take place or if the conditions of the transfer are not met, you will get all your money back.
With Escrow there are fees to pay, which vary according to the price of the domain.

Anyway, we are available to give you any information on every aspect of the sale and transfer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to ask anything.

How the transfer takes place

The transfer takes place via escrow, a service that guarantees the clarity of the transaction.

Escrow.com is an affordable way for payment transactions to take place between numerous parties. The service ensures the needs of the buyer and seller are treated with equal importance, and both parties receive equal levels of protection throughout the entire process.

When you start the purchase you will pay the money to escrow, and we will transfer the unlock code of the domain to escrow, which will check that all the conditions of the transfer are met. Then Escrow will transfer the domain to you, and finally, once the transfer is successful, it will pay us. What you need to keep in mind is that if the transfer does not take place, or if the conditions of the transfer are not met, you will get all your money back.